In the Fire

I began this blog as teaching tool for others, and to keep track of my savings and budgeting endeavors. Over the past few months, our car has been making noises, and we feared it was near the end of its life. Each pay period, I transferred money to the our savings account, ensuring our $1,000 emergency fund as Dave Ramsey suggests. We had the emergency fund saved, and just in time. We did have one problem. We didn’t have enough money to pay cash for an entire car purchase. Well, we could buy a car, but we preferred one that actually drove with an engine and not our feet. During this process, there were so many times which I wondered what we were doing. Why not just apply for a loan, buy a great car, and be done with it? We went to one car lot, a man who attends our church, but he only had a few vehicles in our price range, and even that was pushing it. For some reason, none of the cars felt right, so we went to another Christian man who attends the church where I teach students. I called him, and just over the phone I could tell this was the right place. He was kind, considerate, and respectful to what I was trying to accomplish. He told me over the phone he would find a car that we could afford, and we would pray for the Lord’s help. A car salesman said that! What a shock. He mentioned a car he had “out back”, as I had called about a PT Cruiser. We went to the car lot, and I was happily surprised the car “out back” was a very sporty, candy apple red car. I knew then the car was ours. The next day, the Lord worked out the details for us to take the car home. During prayer that morning, I just prayed that we could go to church that night. The Lord answered my prayer, and we drove to church that night. I am so thankful for the great car salesman (who is also a pastor), and our committment to not take out a loan. The Lord honored our committment, and blessed us with a great car for the money we had available.


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