Dillon’s week of 11/6

Dillon's 10-31I decided to try shopping a bit earlier in the sale week, since I’m tired of having to get rainchecks for out of stock items. I went to the store today, but after a Halloween party, so I wasn’t thinking clearly. I did pretty well, but we picked up a giant pack of grapes, and I didn’t realize they were $7.82! So, my total was 15.43, but I need to return the grapes because they always spoil when we buy the big packs. I’ll swap that pack for a smaller one, and grab some apples and bananas as well. Here is what I bought: 2 Reames noodles (free after coupon and raincheck), 3 Betty Crocker potatoes, giant grapes (going back!!!) International Delight 32 oz. creamer, bean sprouts, 4 lbs sugar, dishwasher rinse aid, 6 packages tuna (free after coupon), Sunny Delight smoothie drink (free), 2 Healthy Choice meals (free), and one loaf of wheat bread.

I normally don’t buy pre-packaged items, but the last few weeks lots of items  have been free after coupons, so I bought them to keep in the pantry. I prefer healthy food options, but my husband loves these potatoes, they are almost free, and  he was with me at the store. So, there they are. 🙂


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